Aleksandra is a physiotherapist who completed her master degree at University of Rzeszówin Poland. She has worked with runners and athletes after acl reconstruction during her internship with huge interest in current developments in motor learning and skill acquisition.

Putting theory into practice she used that knowledge in the 2023 European winter working in ski resorts in the Swiss Alps.

Aleksandra grew up living a very active lifestyle with emphasis on playing volleyball. In 2016 she got personal trainer certification, starting her passion for strength conditioning training and also for long distance running. Durning high school Aleksandra took part as a volunteer in two big projects helping people who struggle with lymphoma. During her University studies she became president of the Orthopedic Student Research while developing knowledge about sports injury management.

Get to know Aleksandra Fortuna


Qualified From:
Master degree in University of Rzeszów, Poland

Past Employment:

  • “Sanomed” Rehabilitation Centre in Rzeszow, Poland
  • “Fizjo-sport” Rehabilitation Centre in Rzeszow, Poland
  • “The Verbier Touch” Sports Massage and Physiotherapy Clinic in Verbier, Switzerland

What do you think are the best skills that you bring to your job?
In my opinion my best qualities as a therapist are ability to combine conclusions and empathy which is an inherent element of work with other people. Besides, hunger for knowledge, self development, the pleasure of meeting new people, helping them and above all bringing to their life spark of passion is something that I would like to share at work.

Favorite Conditions to Treat
My favorite conditions to treat are all stages after ACLR and the most common running injuries which are: patellofemoral pain syndrome, shin splint, achilles tendinopathy and ankle sprain.

What are you happiest doing when you’re not working?
Running, training in the gym, hiking, listening to audiobooks and learning new things.

What would be your personal motto?
La vida es ahora. (The life is now).

Who is someone you admire and why?
In the world there are so many inspiring people but above all I appreciate those with goals & dreams, people who respect others, who love to experience life and they are all around me: my family, my friends.. my loved ones.

Your most-outstanding achievement:
I believe the best is yet to come.