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Sports Massage In Niseko

Because of our affiliation with rehabilitation and sports physiotherapy we attract the best massage therapists.

Our team of sports massage therapists is a cast of myotherapists, kinesiologists, remedial massage therapists and even physiotherapists. We use a massage cream that won’t leave you oily or in need of a shower plus crisp high thread-count cotton sheets and towels. Our sports massage is for people interested in a high-end massage and recovery service. Home visits are also available. 

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Qualified Massage Therapists

Whether you’re getting ready for the next day on the mountain with a remedial massage or soothing your tired muscles and revitalising your mind and body with a deep relaxation massage, our massage therapists are among the most qualified in Niseko. With extensive experience working with athletes of all levels, we guarantee that our treatments will help accelerate your recovery.

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