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We stock a comprehensive line of quality products to support a wide range of injuries and home rehabilitation.

Our range of braces, sports tape, injury management and exercise equipment is the best in the village.

The list below outlines some of our more popular products. Contact us or come into the clinic to learn about our full range.

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Braces and Slings

We import quality brands from Australia and Europe including Breg, Ossur, Bioskin and Bauerfiend. We are proud to offer you our comprehensive range of products specifically selected with our years of experience managing snow sports injuries.

Our large range covers injuries and support for all body parts including sports braces like Breg CX2K, Ossur hinged knee braces, LA shoulder brace, arm and elbow slings, compression skins, back support, hand and wrist guards, foot and ankle braces plus many more.

Crutches and Ice Spikes

Using ice spikes is a great way to negotiate slippery terrain safely and prevent further injury. We stock various sizes and can fit specialised spikes onto crutches too.

Flight Socks and Compression Garments

Lower limb injuries increase the risk of DVT when flying. Talk to us about our selected compression garments.

Ice and heat packs

Treat inflammation and manage pain with our range of convenient options.



Orthotics can assist with a range of problems caused by poor biomechanics. Speak to us for details.

Gift Vouchers

Who doesn’t love a gift voucher! We are happy to create gift vouchers to suit your specific requests.

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