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Spinal Pain Niseko

There are many causes of spinal pain. We take care to assess the important structures in this region to correctly diagnose and treat your symptoms.

Back pain can ruin a ski holiday or prevent you from skiing to your potential. We see both new spinal pain and ongoing conditions that prevent you from skiing at your best.

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Lower Back Pain

The lower back takes a lot of stress on an international ski holiday. A 6 hour + flight and carrying luggage can leave the lower back vulnerable to injury. Couple the travel with skiing and snowboarding and it’s easy to see why lower back pain is very common on ski holidays.

Lower back joints can become very stiff and muscles hyperactive, which can result in reduced movement and pain. We can restore normal function with a combination of moist heat, massage, and contract and relax stretching to release all tension from the spinal muscles and to release the spine itself we have a selection of treatments including manual therapy, joint mobilizations, and manipulations. We also have a range of other treatments such as electrotherapy, dry needling, ultrasound, taping, and exercise prescriptions to use if indicated.

Thoracic Spine and Mid-Back Pain

Pain in the mid back, between the shoulder blades, or along the border of the ribs can often be sharp and stabbing in nature. If it is exacerbated with deep breathing, coughing, or laughing the ribs may be involved. Ribs attach to the sternum (breast bone) at the front and the vertebrae (spine) at the back. Using manual therapy, we can take away the stiffness in the joint capsules to restore pain-free movement and function. Although mid-back pain is sharp, it usually responds quickly and positively to the correct treatment.

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