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Hands and Wrist Injuries Niseko

FOOSH is a medical abbreviation for Fall On (an) Outstretched Hand and is a very common cause of injury in ski resorts.

A fall can often cause a strain or sprain on a joint, a torn ligament, or a fracture. 

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Wrist Fractures

The wrist is commonly fractured by beginner snowboarders and from falling on icy streets. The wrist can become fractured in a range of different places and types. A wrist that is injured in a fall and causing ongoing pain should be assumed to be fractured until proven otherwise.

Skier’s Thumb

A skier’s thumb is a sprain on the ligament on the inside of the thumb joint. A fall on an outstretched hand with a ski pole in the palm of your hand creates the force necessary to stress the thumb and cause a partial or complete tear of the ligament. The injury needs to be immobilised to encourage healing and complete ruptures may require surgical repair.

Finger Dislocations

Fingers can be dislocated during falls and require reduction by a trained healthcare professional. The joint should be splinted to protect it while inflammation settles.

Tendon Ruptures

Some tendons attached to the digits can be strained or completely torn. If they are ruptured, they require protection and possible surgical repair.

We have a range of braces, splints, and taping techniques to stabilise and protect the injured joint from further harm, carefully selected over years of managing snow sports injuries. 

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