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About Us

We are a family-owned business and have been operating in Niseko since 2005.

Bevan and Vanessa Colless opened Niseko Physio to assist skiers and snowboarders who have suffered injury or are in pain. We also have the area’s finest sports massage and have a fitness gym for advanced rehabilitation, casual use or rehabilitation.

We are part of the Asia Physio group, with clinics in Tokyo Physio, Singapore Physio, Hakuba Physio, Nozawa Physio, Myoko Physio and Niseko Physio

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Trained Physiotherapists

Our physiotherapists are all trained internationally, predominantly Australian. We are industry leaders in snow sports injuries, working with the world’s finest universities and large insurance companies across the globe. We have a centralised training system, using elite snow sports injury management systems.

World Leading Care

Skiers and snowboarders often do the same type of injuries, so at an Asia Physio snow sports clinic you can be sure we are very accomplished at what we do. You will receive excellent care across all therapists and clinics. Our physiotherapists work with winter Olympic teams in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand and have been to several training camps and Olympic games.

We present around the world to physiotherapists and doctors on snow sports injury management. We are currently conducting a pilot randomized control trial into ACL healing, using a proprietary bracing protocol ‘The Tan ACL Healing Protocol”, developed by our own physiotherapist of 11 seasons, Wennie Tan. We also host The Knee Gurus podcast and information portal where we interview world-leading experts in knee injuries, designed for patients who have sustained knee injuries and are looking for information to assist their decision-making. 

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